Drive In Sleep In – Vinnies

Published Date: 28th November 2018

Christmas is a time of giving and we would love for you to give to Vinnies.

Last month Vinnies WA held a Drive-In Sleep-In to help raise awareness and funds for the homeless and FundRaise Digital is proud to have helped been apart of the process in building their platform to do this!

If you attended The Drive-In Sleep-In we hope you had a wonderful weekend of supporting Vinnies and enjoyed watching the premiere of the new family film Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween and a second feature film – Alpha!

While the event has passed, we would still love to see you all get involved through donations. Every dollar counts as you’ll be helping provide immediate relief to vulnerable people in crisis through food, clothing, emotional support and assistance with accommodation.

Vinnies WA has managed to raise over $29,000 for their FIRST ever Drive-In Sleep-In! But let’s help them reach their target of $50,000, or better yet, smash this record!

Tis’ the season to give back and help out communities who need it. Help contribute to raising funds for the homeless clicking here.