Merici College

Published Date: 28th November 2018

Congratulations to Merici College on your astounding 60th anniversary!

It has been a pleasure for FundRaise Digital to work on helping Merici College set up a platform for people to donate towards and what a fantastic educational institution it is!

Merici College, founded in Canberra in 1959 is a Catholic College for young women from year 7 to 12. The college pride themselves on being a cutting edge, and technology-rich school and continues to successfully work with young women to nurture their full potential with a strong focus on excellence, leadership and active learning partnership.

They seek to foster a life-long love of learning within their students and give each young women the opportunity to grow spiritually and intellectually to be able to make a positive and significant contribution to society. This is why it has been an absolute pleasure for FundRaise Digital to be part of this project.

They have raised almost $8,000 out of their $40,000 and would love to see them continue kicking goals! Help build futures by visiting their 60th anniversary site and donate today.