Walk My Way

Published Date: 28th November 2018

How far would you go so a refugee child can go to school?

FundRaise Digital wanted to give a huge congratulations to Walk My Way for the launch of their new peer to peer fundraising website! We are proud to have assisted Walk My Way with the development of their new fundraising platform.

Walk My Way gives you the chance to join people around Australia in a 26km walking challenge to help raise funds to support refugee kids to go to school.

When: Saturday 13th April 2019

Where: Women’s Pioneer trail, Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills to Beaumont, Adelaide

Target: $130,000 to help support 5,000 refugee children in Africa to go to pre-school!

Walk My Way is looking for individuals to register to join the walk and or to donate if you can. It only takes as little as $26 to help provide a teacher, textbooks and a table for childView Postren in refugee camps in Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti.

Last year, Walk My way had 272 walkers and raised over $133,000 which meant that 5,115 refugee children could go to school! Let’s beat that record to raise even more money and send give even more children an education!

So, on behalf of Walk My Way, join the cause and make a difference!